Intervista  a Resti Barrio Pérez (Logroño), già organizzatore del Festival di Logroño ed ora co-organizzatore dell''Encuentro Internacional de Instrumentos Populares' de Logroño. La Rioja, apparsa su periodico della Fegip "Alzapua", aprile 2006. 16.3.2006

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Estimados amigos:
Os informo de que  ya está a la venta en Método de Bandurria (2º Curso de Grado Elemental) que han escrito Pedro Chamorro y Emilio Molina.
La Editorial que lo ha editado es Enclave Creativa con la referencia 009-101 y puede comprarse en cualquier tienda de música.
Enclave Creativa Ediciones

Embajadores, 199 - 3º
E-28045 Madrid
tel.: +34 91 527 26 27 - fax: +34 91 528 55 66
e-mail  - web:


Estimados amigos:
Os informamos de los nuevos metodos que ha publicado la editorial Ventilador.
Mas informacion:
Dear Friends
Here are new methods, published in Spanish by the
editor 'Ventilator'. English version by Resti Barrio.
More information:  
Antonio Cerrajeria Arza
Presidente Fegip 

Refer. : MAB055
Format dinA4 / 34 pages / Barcode : 9788493362416
Easy method for guitar, to learn in an amusing way and to study exercises and simple but effective mechanisms.
It also has illustrations of chords and harmonies in tablatura.
Refer.: MAB056
Format 16x20 / 222 pages / Barcode: 9788493396107
José Ramirez is not only constructor of excellent guitars but a tireless researcher concerned with historical evolution of the guitar, to the study of acoustics and the vibratory waves. Few luthiers have achieved so much knowledge and few of them could  apply it successfully in a progressive practice in their  daily work.
Everything is explained in this book replete  with illustrations
Refer : MAB057
Format DinA4 / 32 pages / Barcode: 9788493362423
Attached a CD
Book of musical computer science, a reference for musicians who  begin to get orientation in the complicated world of new technologies. It describes with easiness the handling of the main sequencers, samplers and how to record a theme from a to z.

FLAMENCO by José Cobos
Refer : MAB058
Format DinA4 / 32 pages / Barcode: 9790901311411
Attached a CD
Book of scores with flamenco tablatura. Volume 1.
José obos,  guitarist and concertist,  delights us with an exquisite repertoire,  ideal for students of flamenco guitar, medium - advanced level

(in inglese)
a cura di Resti Barrio

Dear Friends of Plucked music,

Antonio Cerrajería,bandurria player in the Orchestra La Orden de la Terraza from Najera - La Rioja, is now the president of the FEGIP (Spanish Federation of Guitar and Plectrum Instruments) and is doing an excellent work of distributing information about events and publishing of musical literature in Spain, which is an important need not well- or not at all - covered in the past.

Some of this work was done in the past by the SAR (Sociedad Artística Riojana) as I was the secretary and coordinator of the Festival of La Rioja. But,- since march 2003 - I am not any more engaged with the SAR or the Logroño Festival and the actual board are not making use of the huge address book (near 500 contacts) I left them to spread this kind of information for possible interessées. So, I decided to commend that address book to the FEGIP (via Antonio Cerrajería, a few weeks ago).

Further, I have established a line of cooperation with the FEGIP, after agreement with his president,in order to manage and distribute information of eventual interest for friends of plucked music all over the world.

For the start, I want to refer you to various messages by Antonio Cerrajería, concerning with recent publishing of Spanish literature about plucked instruments:


Original works and arrangements for guitar:soloist, duo, quartets, ensembles... etc. A lot of literature for guitar, all stiles and époques (classic, baroque, popular, flamenco, etc.) Tarrega, Fortea, Albeniz ... A very important initiative for the guitar world in the last 30 years. e-mail:

 Catalogo Fortea (new)  Note: for orders from abroad prices are charged with 25%

Catalogo Fortea (old)

180 Pieces by members of the Plucked String Orchestra
of the Complutense University of Madrid -

On this page, made by members of the Plucked String Orchestra of the Complutense University of Madrid, you can find a lot of scores (180 pieces, mainly transcriptions) of national an international 'hits' of plucked music.

New Methods for Guitar and Bandurria

Enclave Creativa Ediciones present innovative methods for learning guitar and bandurria.

Folleto Guitarra Enclave Creativa.pdf

It deals with:

§ Guitar 1 (elementar level)by Miguel Ángel García Ferrer, José Ramón Espinosa & Emilio Molina.

§ Improvisation on the Guitar 1 and 2 (medium level) by Alberto Garrido & Emilio Molina.

§ Bandurria Method 1 (elementary level) by Pedro Chamorro & Emilio Molina.

This editor will publish further courses in a near future.

More information: Enclave Creativa Ediciones, Embajadores, 199-3ºE, 28045 MADRID, Tel. 0034 91 5272627 -

Collection Trio Iberia

Centro de Documentación Musical de Andalucía has publishednº 1 and nº 2 from the collection “Trío Iberia” with scores for Bandurria, Laúd y Guitar from 'Cantos de mi tierra y Angelita' (songs of my country and Angelita)edited by Ismael Ramos (former FEGIP president, from Granada).

For interested people go to María del Carmen Millán, service chief in the bibliotheca and distribution of publications from the'Centro de Documentación Musical de Andalucía'. e-mail:

New catalogue about 'Felix de Santos' Published by Ricardo García Gimeno.Very important initiative! 

Completely new editionabout unedited pieces for bandurria, also italian mandolin, and piano of the legate of Felix de Santos (Historical teacher of bandurria and italian mandolinat the Conservatorio of the Liceo Barcelona, beginning 20th century!!!!!)

More pieces of this legate will be published in the future.


This a web page (English - Spanish) deals with Latin American and Columbian music from the Andine zone, originally written for classic guitar, duets, trios as well as for viola, guitar and orchestra. Additionally, there is a section for original works for Columbian Andine trio composed by Bandola, Tiple and Guitar. They are available in several formats and you con download them freely.

New method for flamenco harmony (Spanish)


Book and CD /Libro + CD//Music and numbers Ref.: MAB001

Contents: Traditional harmony, Flamenco mode. Exercices. Solutions and auditions. 128 pages

Please contact:

Renewed web of the Logroño Festival

The actual board of SAR has renoved recently their page of the Logroño Festival: new webpage SOCIEDAD ARTISTICA RIOJANA (november 2004) only spanish!

More about literature editors etc. on the service page of the FEGIP

This is a voluntary contribution, after agreement with the FEGIP president,to give exchange of information and communication an impulse and help all friends of plucked music to contact each others and go more easily to the sources. I hope you enjoyed this information, If you are still interested in getting news about the FEGIP world, events, programs, festivals etc., please tell me or contact directly with Antonio Cerrajería. His e-mail:

With my warmest regards

Resti Barrio Pérez (Translator, former coordinator of the Logroño Festival)
Tel. 0034 941 231329 -